Lines of saltOur salt is unrefined, crunchy sea salt, crafted entirely by hand in small batches from the Atlantic Ocean. Our traditional process utilizing open-air salt pans is entirely natural, requiring only the sea, wind, sun, and patience. We evaporate fresh, clean, filtered seawater outdoors under the sun and bathed by ocean breezes. Unlike most others, we do not boil or oven-dry seawater nor trap the forming crystals in a factory building or greenhouse. We use no anti-caking agents, bleaching additives, or other chemical additions. We proudly and painstakingly craft our products to our exacting standards without cutting corners.

By carefully balancing solar evaporation and exposure to crisp, clean ocean breezes, seawater slowly forms into brilliant white salt crystals having a mild, briny flavor with a soft, distinctive, and wonderfully pleasing crunch. Our salts are known for their "sweet" and clean flavor with no aftertaste, or chemical, metallic, or medicinal notes commonly found in table salt, kosher salt, and most factory-finished and boiled salts. Our hand-cultivated American-made salt is slightly moist and moderately coarse and is best described as tasting like the best fleur de sel, but looking and feeling like a cross of "sel gris" and "traditional" salt. It is valued for its briny taste of the Northeast and the Atlantic, for its pleasingly distinct texture (not too hard and not too soft), and for its beautiful grain shape, size, and color.

Amagansett Sea Salt is used by the world's best chefs, in the top-ranked restaurants, by producers of high-end food products and beverages, and by home cooks across the U.S. and the world. Our solar evaporated salt has been described by chefs as akin, but superior to fleur de sel (a James Beard award-winning chef said, "It's like the fleur de sel of New York") and commonly produced boiled flake salts. Bon Appétit magazine wrote, "This salt hits the palate like Pop Rocks and tastes like a sea breeze." "This Amagansett salt tasted like jumping into the ocean off Long Island," wrote another James Beard award-winning chef. We invite you to use our salt and improve and elevate the flavor of your dishes too!Save