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By carefully balancing solar evaporation and exposure to the crisp, clean ocean breezes, we cultivate the most wonderful salt available. Amagansett Sea Salt is available in the pure, right-from-the-ocean formulation and a variety of naturally infused and flavored salt blends. Choose from Individual Jars, Combination Sets, Sampler Tins, and Subscription Boxes. Membership in our Finishing Salt Club and a variety of accessories and logo wear are also available.


Individual Jars

Individual jars of pure sea salt and naturally flavored and infused sea salt blends


Limited Run Blends

Limited and occasional runs of our naturally flavored and infused sea salt blends


Combos And Sampler Sets

Multiple jar combinations and sampler sets of our sea salts


Salt Club | Subscription Boxes

Subscriptions for automatic shipments of our salts



Personalized gift cards, salt cellars, spoons, vouchers, logo wear, and other add-ons

Some useful information

Is Amagansett Sea Salt organic or gluten-free?

Our salt is entirely pure and natural without anti-caking agents, bleaching additives, or other chemicals added. Salt is a mineral and, by definition and USDA regulations, cannot, however, be classified as organic. Yes, our salt is gluten-free.

What is your carbon footprint?

Zilch, nada, rien, nothing (except for general lighting and transportation). Unlike most salt makers, we make sea salt in the traditional manner outdoors using only the sun, wind, and patience. No boiling, no ovens, no kilns, no heat lamps.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

All jars of salt ordered through our website are packed in small white boxes cushioned with wood excelsior and packed in a shipping carton. The packing slip lists the items purchased without prices. We offer the option to include a personalized notecard with the order. You can also write a short note in the "Add Comments About Your Order” field that appears in Steps 4 and 5 of checkout which will appear on the packing slip.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes! We ship internationally to many countries, but usually, shipping costs are much higher due to tariffs and import taxes.

What shipping methods are available?

Most orders are shipped via the US Postal Service, which we have found to be reliable, timely, and least costly. We also provide the option to ship your order via UPS.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are typically shipped within 1-day, but please allow up to 3 days processing time in periods of high demand. Allow 1-3 days (depending on the distance) transit time for orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail and 1-3 business days for First Class Mail.

What notifications will I receive?

You will be sent a confirmation email upon completing your purchase. You will receive a notification from us when the status (e.g., "shipped") of your order changes and from the carrier with the tracking number and status of your delivery.

Has Coronavirus/COVID-19 changed how you make salt and do business?

Yes. We’re open for business, solar evaporating sea salt, and shipping orders. Restaurants represented a substantial part of our business which evaporated overnight and has affected us. In response to the virus, we have adjusted some of our processes, including increasing distancing and implementing more stringent protocols for washing hands and equipment. We have not, however, mechanized or abandoned any of the all-natural, environmentally friendly hallmarks of our salt and way of business. Due to reduced onsite staffing, we may not immediately answer calls and it may take an additional 24 hours to ship your order.

Need support?

Please email us at or call us at (631) 731-3053. Don't worry - we don't bite.