Amagansett Sea Salt is found in the highest rated restaurants, in the pantries and kitchens of the best chefs and cooks, and as ingredients in great tasting and inventive food products across the United States. We are equally ecstatic that 3 Michelin star restaurants and home cooks choose to use our finishing salt over all others.

A sampling of our sea salts may be found at stores across the US including those listed below. Amagansett Sea Salt may also be purchased directly from us through our online webstoreas well as at a handful of nearby farmers' markets and special events. A variety of our salts may be purchased online at Amazon.com and Mouth Foods. Please note that retailers and other websites carry a limited selection of our salts and certain sizes, blends and infusions may be sold out or not available at a particular location.

If there is not a brick and mortar retailer in your area carrying our sea salt, please suggest to your favorite specialty food store that they stock our products. Tell us who they are and we will reach out to them and suggest that they join the fold! Below is a partial list of retailers carrying our salt.