Eshop product test

This is a test of creating a series of articles, and adding shop products and/or category lists using shop plugins. Here I am testing writing an article and inserting a specific product. This uses the shop category plugin. Perhaps these would be used as a blog-type listing

You should go to Extensions -> Plugins to filter "Eshop Product content plugin" and enable it.

Then go to edit the Joomla article and enter {eshopproduct 1} with 1 is the ID of the product that you want to insert to that article. Now, if you view the article on the front-end side, you will see the details of that product there.

Next line is Pure Salt (id#1)
Next line is Lemon Salt (id#7)
Now here comes a photo:

10up 2.5oz jars 1400



Sometimes the best things can also be the simplest. With the best of ingredients, French radishes + whipped butter + sea salt is one of them.

We were first turned on to this treat by our friends at and long-time client the NoMad in NYC. A short time later, we were happily surprised to read about it in Mimi Sheraton's "10 Most Memorable Meals" article in the June 2013 Food Issue of Smithsonian Magazine

Writing about her gastronomic epiphanies, she describes the "radis au beurre heaven" found at The NoMad where "each petite white-tipped pink French radish is individually molded in a tiny round cup of sweet butter. All that is needed for total bliss is a few grains of the sea salt." We are proud our fleur de sel brought Mimi Sheraton bliss.

Radis au beurre with Amagansett Sea Salt

Radishes and butter

  • 20 fresh, French radishes
  • 4 Tbsp unsalted good quality butter, at room temperature
  • Amagansett Sea Salt

Wash the radishes and pat dry. Chill in the refrigerator to keep crisp. Remove 10 minutes prior to eating.

Place the softened butter in a bowl and whip by hand or beater until it becomes light and creamy in color and texture.

To serve, place the radishes on a platter, along with the softened whipped butter and small pile of Amagansett Sea Salt. Allow guests to help themselves - we like to drag the radish through the butter and then dip the tip of the buttered radish in the salt to pick up a few grains.