Eshop product test

This is a test of creating a series of articles, and adding shop products and/or category lists using shop plugins. Here I am testing writing an article and inserting a specific product. This uses the shop category plugin. Perhaps these would be used as a blog-type listing

You should go to Extensions -> Plugins to filter "Eshop Product content plugin" and enable it.

Then go to edit the Joomla article and enter {eshopproduct 1} with 1 is the ID of the product that you want to insert to that article. Now, if you view the article on the front-end side, you will see the details of that product there.

Next line is Pure Salt (id#1)
Next line is Lemon Salt (id#7)
Now here comes a photo:

10up 2.5oz jars 1400



Our weekly routine includes surfing the web to discover, among other things, the prior week's mentions of our salt on menus, ingredient lists, tweets, blogs and the like. Although this has now become old hat (for which we are grateful!), it stills brings a broad smile and wonderful feeling of accomplishment. If we paid more attention in that college psychology course that met way too early in the morning, we would probably attribute this to deep-seated insecurities and a need for validation.

This week, we came across bonberi, "a curated editorial website devoted to food and well-being" and this oh-so-simple, but oh-so-good crudo recipe by novelist Jessica Soffer. Nothing shocking here, just confirmation that great ingredients, simply prepared creates great food.

Jessica Soffer’s Crowd-Pleaser Crudo

  • bonberi sofferStart with thinly sliced fish. (We used fluke, but black sea bass, hamachi, cod, halibut or even scallops will work.)
  • Add whichever fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market that you love most. Consider some sweet, some sour. (We used nectarines, blackberries, tomatoes and limes from our lime tree.)
  • Add roughly chopped herbs. (We used mint but basil or cilantro or even verbena could work.)
  • Add spice. (We used red onion and thinly sliced jalapeños.)
  • Add enough acid (we used more lime) to coat, but not drench the fish.
  • Drizzle with plenty of good quality olive oil.
  • Add salt. (You can get fancy here: we used Amagansett Sea Salt because it’s local and delish.)
  • Leave in fridge for half an hour to marinate and get crisp. Eat immediately.