Grilled beef sirloin, potato purée, ramps, & black garlic dressed with Amagansett Sea Salt at the Dabney DCAmagansett Sea Salt is generally used as a "finishing salt" - also referred to as a "plating salt" or a "post-plating salt" - applied directly to foods once they reach the platter or plate to bring out and amplify foods' flavors and add visual interest with a delightful pop of texture. Dress all your sweet and savory dishes with a touch of Amagansett Sea Salt! Our salt enhances the flavor of proteins, grains, and vegetables and desserts, cookies, fruits, and other sweets of all kinds.

Go light - depending on the food and your personal preference, just a couple of grains per bite is all that is needed! Salt boosts and intensifies foods' natural flavors. Use it just as you would a flake salt and with any recipe calling for crunchy or flaky salt, but unlike a thin flake, our salt grains do not quickly dissolve and disappear and will instead remain to add a lasting and soft textural pop with a burst of flavor.

Our Pure Sea Salt is the go-to salt we and restaurants across the country use on everything. Turn to our infused or flavored salt blends to add a punch of taste, nuance, and color. Visit the Serving and Pairing Suggestions page for some suggested salt/food pairings. Jump to our Recipes page for inspiration from professional chefs and food writers who use Amagansett Sea Salt. Browse the photos and descriptions of our Individual Salts for additional ideas and suggestions. Finally, visit our Online Store to select products to bring to your kitchen and plate.


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