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Purchase an 8-ounce jar of our Pure Sea Salt and join our Finishing Salt Club for FREE. Members receive preferred pricing, automatic quarter-annual shipments, and access to member-only events, experiences, and opportunities! There is no fee to join - membership is complimentary with your purchase of an 8-ounce jar of our Pure Sea Salt. Simply opt-in and membership begins.

With our Finishing Salt Club membership, members receive:

  • An 8-ounce jar of our Pure Sea Salt
  • 10% discount on future online purchases for one year
  • Three quarter-annual shipments, each containing two jars of our flavored blended and infused salts, discounted by 10% and automatically shipped and charged to your credit card
  • First access to limited-production sea salt blends
  • First access and preferred Club member pricing to member-only and partner-sponsored special events

Upon enrollment, we will send Club members an 8-ounce jar of Pure Sea Salt with a bamboo spoon plus a welcome to the Finishing Salt Club card. Every third month thereafter we will send two 2½-ounce jars of salt selected from our current offerings. The average price of each shipment after the first is approximately $35 reflecting a 10% discount off the regular cost plus postage. We will automatically charge each shipment to your credit card. For planning purposes, there is a one-year commitment after which you will have collected a year's portfolio of our salts.

In prior years, Finishing Salt Club members were invited to a members-only open house and tour of our saltworks. We hope to once again offer this perc.

With no cost to join, membership certainly has its benefits, including preferred pricing, tours, and tastings at our saltworks (our saltworks is not otherwise open to the public), and first access and preferred Club member pricing to our partner-sponsored special events. Do you have changes to your account? Has your credit card changed or expired? Have you moved? To make changes to your account please contact us by calling (631) 731-3053 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

† Discount does not apply to Salt Certificates, Salt by the Pound, and new Finishing Salt Club memberships.

‡ Should you end your membership prior to a year, your card will be charged for discounts given during the year. Club membership and Club member discounts are not transferable.

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