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1-ounce (sampler size)

Our 100% Pure Amagansett Sea Salt blended with Aleppo Pepper and a touch of Annatto. The peppers in this batch turned out to be unusually hot! This is a great reminder that our salt, as well as the herbs, spices, and other flavors used to make our salt blends, are natural products and vary from season to season, farm to farm, and even batch to batch. This batch of Aleppo peppers - grown and dried by The Hoppy Acres Farm just a stone's throw away - has the same Mediterranean flavor we've grown to love, but with a shot of heat. Together, the salt's brininess and these flavors create a wonderfully flavorful finishing salt that brings out the best flavor of the underlying food, adds heat and zest, and dresses the dish with an appealing reddish-gold accent. This salt blend pairs perfectly with seafood, vegetables, and the rim of your cocktail glass.

We have been blending Aleppo pepper with our salt since 2011. The pepper is named after Aleppo, an ancient city along the Silk Road in northern Syria, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the largest city in civil war-torn Syria. We are dismayed by the events transpiring in Syria, especially in Aleppo, and that we are no longer able to receive Aleppo peppers grown in or near Aleppo. In response, we have taken two actions: First, we are now sourcing Aleppo peppers from The Hoppy Acre, a neighboring farm just a pepper's throw from our salterns. Second, we are donating one-half of the profits from online sales of our Aleppo pepper blended salt to Doctors Without Borders. Also known as Médecins Sans Frontières, this non-profit international relief organization is currently providing direct medical care in six hospitals and four health centers in Syria, while also sending medical supplies to areas they can't physically access.

Available in 1-ounce net weight and 2½-ounce net weight sizes, each in an attractive glass jar that looks great on a countertop.