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Our same, great 100% Pure Amagansett Sea Salt in a re-sealable plastic pouch. Harvested by hand from the Atlantic Ocean near the tip of Long Island with a short rest at our saltworks to solar-evaporate under the sun in the clean ocean breeze into grains of the perfect flavor, appearance, and consistency. Use our salt as a finishing salt and dress your foods sparingly - one to five crystals depending on the food and your preference per bite is enough. Our salt is moderately coarse-grained and surprisingly “sweet” to give a pleasing, soft crunch and the perfect flavor.

This is the same pure finishing salt and in the same (albeit slightly smaller) pouch we supply to restaurants across the US - see our Our Partners page for a partial list. Cook and feel like a pro!

Ask the chefs who use our sea salt as their finishing salt of choice - everything it touches tastes, looks, and feels better! It will work the same magic in your kitchen. As Chef Daniel Humm of the three Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park in NYC recently said in an interview:

Amagansett Sea Salt has become one of EMP's most indispensable ingredients.... It's the only finishing salt you will find in our kitchen.

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